Dimensions: 12" x 10" x 1.25"
  Weight: ~ 0.9 lbs (~ 400g)

  Material: ABS
  Standard colors: Red and black

  Packaging: please check with us
  MOQ: 1 box

  Country of Origin: USA



Flexible storage

The tray is designed to accommodate various tools The 12" long tray is open on one side, so longer tools can be stored

Small troughs in the storage compartments reduce movement of tools

Note: Locking pliers may cause some headaches if they spring open with the tool chest drawer closed!

All This.....

.... Fits in here!

Tool Sorter

Distributed by Sky Leap LLC

Finally a home for all those pliers!

 Up to 11 pliers can be stored in separate compartments Width of compartments range from 0.6" to 1.15"

Tray size of 12" is no limit - longer tools can be stored

With a low profile of 1.5" the tray fits in shallow drawers

Height with the set of pliers as shown was only ~2.5"

 Tray is designed for tool chest drawers but is portable