Our customers kept asking for an organizer designed to sort & store small socket sizes. We designed a few variations and here is the prototype of the final version - a tool tray that holds anywhere between 16 and 24 small sockets. Additional storage space on the left and across the end of the tray can be used for ratchet, extensions, other tools and project material.

Two rows of sizing studs, metric and SAE, make sorting easy and convenient. The user simply places a socket on a stud.

- Loose fit - check the next bigger stud.

- Too tight - move one size down.

- Tight fit - this is right; the socket size is shown on the label.

Tool Sorter

Distributed by Sky Leap LLC


The tray is compact (approximately 8" x 8" x 1.25") and fits in shallow drawers. We will offer the organizer in black and red as a convenient way for our customers to keep metric and SAE sockets separate and easy to find.

This organizer will be launched in a few weeks. Check our website and Facebook page for updates!